Symptoms of prostatitis, types and causes of the disease

One of the most common diseases in men is prostatitis. The symptoms are often rarely taken seriously, especially when mild. And this attitude can eventually lead to more serious consequences. To avoid this, you should monitor your health closely, especially for men at an older age. Today they discuss the disease a lot, but often they exaggerate, or rather, underestimate its importance and danger. Let's see what exactly, what are the first symptoms of prostatitis in men and what to do.

see a doctor for symptoms of prostatitis

What is prostatitis?

For starters, you need to know what the disease is. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, i. e. the prostate gland, which is one of the important components in the male reproductive system. It is these organs that provide locomotor activity and spermatozoa viability. Thus, with impaired disease and activity, a decrease in sexual function is observed.

Often men are susceptible to the disease at the age of 20, and the older the man, the greater the risk of the disease. It should be noted that it can occur in acute and chronic forms, in which the symptoms of prostatitis do not appear.

Among the consequences of this disease are prostate cancer and infertility. Note that, according to statistics, the disease in its chronic form is observed in almost half of men aged 20 to 50 years.

Today, medicine is heavily involved in this problem, considering prostatitis, its symptoms and treatment of the disease. It is successfully treated well, the only thing that matters is the timely diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, every man, especially after the age of 30, is recommended to see a doctor for an examination at least once every six months.

Types of diseases and manifestations of prostatitis (symptoms)

Depending on what causes the disease and how the disease goes away, there are only 5 types of this disease:

  1. Acute prostatitis. This type is a bit difficult. It is the result of bacteria invading prostate tissue. The main cause of manifestation is the neglect of hygiene and other features, which cause inflammation. This type is relatively rare and its treatment takes place in a hospital under the supervision of a doctor.
  2. Chronic bacterial prostatitis. This type is found in about 30-35% of cases of inflammation. The main danger of this type is that the first symptoms of prostatitis in men do not appear immediately, and in addition, they can subside spontaneously even without treatment. And after that, a new aggravation occurs with greater force, and this can go on forever. There is also a risk of stone storage, the development of abscesses and other complications, including the development of cancer.
  3. Chronic prostatitis is one of the most difficult forms of the disease to diagnose, as the only manifestation is pain in the pelvic area, which lasts more than 3 months. In this case, nervous system disorders and mental disorders can be observed. Diagnosis in this case can only be made with exceptions, because even very frequent tests show no signs of inflammation.
  4. Chronic prostatitis without symptoms. This form runs without symptoms at all and can only be detected thanks to the analysis of urine, as it contains a lot of bacteria and leukocytes during the disease.
  5. Chronic granulomatous prostatitis. Often it manifests itself as a side effect of the results of prostate irradiation and treatment of the disease with medications. The disease is usually asymptomatic. During the progression of the disease, prostate tissue is replaced by connective tissue, which causes glandular dysfunction.

The main symptoms of prostatitis

For each type of disease, you can differentiate your own symptoms, but you can see the symptoms of prostatitis in men for each type, namely:

  1. Problems with urination. This is what is included in the first symptoms of prostatitis in men. Because of the inflammation, the urethra is compressed, as a result, pain, burning, and other problems may appear.
  2. Weak orgasms and weak erections.
  3. Acceleration of ejaculation during intercourse.
  4. Strong potential decline or its absence.
  5. Persistent anxiety and psychological depression.

These signs form the basis of all species. If you notice that they appear inside you, then you should immediately contact a urologist. You can also find out what symptoms of prostatitis are still present, and how to protect yourself from the disease. But it is necessary to consult an experienced specialist.

Why is prostatitis manifested in men?

If you do not want to feel for yourself all the signs of prostatitis in men and its symptoms, then you should find out the main causes of its manifestation and get rid of it completely. Basically, the disease is caused by neglect of health, in particular:

  1. Inflammation due to exposure to sexually transmitted infections.
  2. An inactive lifestyle, often leads to poor blood circulation.
  3. Sexual factors (sexual dysfunction, prolonged abstinence, artificial prolongation of PA).
  4. Immune system problems.
  5. Long -term and frequent hypothermia of the body.
  6. Constant pressure.
  7. Hormonal imbalances.
  8. Ignoring basic hygiene rules.
  9. Lack of vitamins in the body.

And other reasons that can cause this disease.

What are the symptoms of prostatitis and its complications?

It has been mentioned that prostatitis causes many difficulties in the form of urinary problems, erectile dysfunction, etc. But this is only the first symptom of prostatitis in men. If the patient does not receive timely medical treatment, then more serious consequences may occur, in particular:

  1. With prolonged neglect of treatment, the prostate will lose its function and will no longer be able to produce adequate secretions, therefore in 40% of cases the disease causes infertility.
  2. With self -treatment, a significant deterioration of immunity can occur, which will exacerbate the condition.

Therefore, we note that treatment should be performed only under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Prevention of prostatitis

If you want the manifestations of prostatitis, symptoms and other problems associated with this disease do not affect you, then it is necessary to take preventive measures, which will help reduce the risk of this disease:

  1. Follow all rules of personal hygiene.
  2. Have an active sex life.
  3. Exercise.
  4. Review your diet for adequate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals.
  5. Worried about increased immunity.
  6. Reduce stress.
  7. If there are manifestations of the disease, treat it in a timely manner.

These simple rules will help keep you safe. But, if the first symptoms of prostatitis appear in you, then you should immediately see a doctor.